Palestine and Israel

Israel is a small country in the midst of Muslim countries. Palestine is part of the Muslim world and therefore has the support of the Muslims. Israel feels insecure – right so due to the means and ways they return in this century. Though their ancestral people originated from there and that gives them the historic right to be there. There is no question for Palestine to be there as well. Many things went wrong and are still going wrong today due to old religious, cultural hatred and animosity and newly escalated politicization of the old conflict.

The only way to cleanse and extract the old hatred and stir present scenarios on the right track is to have a firm spiritual and universally accepted ideological stand. It is first and foremost for Israel as the incoming uninvited settler in their old homeland to demonstrate this firm ideological stand. Their voice needs to be free from vested and atheistic Zionist rhetoric  and totally rooted in their ancient  cultural heritage  because only that gives them the right to be there and nothing else. Their collective strength of character with enlightened leadership could certainly bring about peace and solution to the region.

With spiritual universal ideological stand I mean a pure affirmation of love of the one and only God and total surrender to that One and a universal social outlook accepting all as brothers and sisters unconditionally. Until this deep ideological stand will crystallize the struggle will go on and bloodshed will be difficult to avoid from both sides.

I have the conviction that due to ancient spiritual roots Israel will lead the Middle East in the manifestation of peace and prosperity. Another reason is that they are small and agile and have demonstrated that they can move unitedly.

To prove this wrong Palestine and the Arab Muslim world would have to work hard to bring about peaceful solutions. They are disunited and slower at pace but certainly today Palestine has the sympathy of the world community and this may actually help them in the right direction.

In any case the good news is that in these days those who are on the right track will get the support of humanity with ever increasing steps and force.

The desired future is a Middle East Union with open borders for people to move in independent countries of Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria etc. similar or even better than the EU.

About Anandaramaa

Neohumanist Education coordinator, meditation teacher, educator
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