No Capital Punishment

The very institution of capital punishment cannot be supported from moral viewpoint.  It does not contain any corrective measures and has no purpose other than to instill fear into people’s minds. Therefore the practice of taking a life out of anger or hatred cannot be accepted in a civilized social system. Those who kill other human beings violate cardinal human principles.  Capital punishment brings about the deterioration in society and stops the further progress of the individuals on whom capital punishment is inflicted. One who kills another in the name of justice is even more condemnable.

There is no perfection in this universe of relativity. So it is quite natural that the judicial system of the world, whether in the past, present or future, can never be perfect. Therefore nobody should be given capital punishment on the basis of this relativity. Each and every individual, whether they are a criminal or not, can claim a chance to rectify their character and conduct from the society. If a person is condemned to capital punishment, he or she won’t get such scope, therefore we can only denounces this sort of punishment.

Sometimes innocent people may be subjected to severe punishment because wrong information appeared in the documents and records concerned with their trials. At other times judges may deliver incorrect judgments, and in fact there are numerous cases where judges have made mistakes. In such circumstances even innocent people may be given capital punishment. Then again, innocent people or those who have committed minor crimes are sometimes deliberately given capital punishment because of malicious judgments. Such punishments can never be supported.

Even if somebody is a genuine criminal who has no public support (no matter how notorious criminals they may be, they are still human beings), should not they have an opportunity to become assets to society? It is possible that although the persons fail to evoke our sympathy because of the seriousness of their crimes, they may sincerely repent and be prepared to dedicate the rest of their life to the genuine service of society. Furthermore, if those who commit crimes are afflicted with a mental disease, is it not our duty to cure them of their disease instead of sentencing them to death?

Only in very special cases, where a person has become a demon and is going against the collective interest and there is no chance of rectification, circumstances may arise which warrant capital punishment. For example, during war this exception may sometimes be permissible. But generally we should not support this punishment on principle. Punishment should be appropriate to the offense.

About Anandaramaa

Neohumanist Education coordinator, meditation teacher, educator
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