Independent News?

There is no such thing as independent news – If a journalist or news agency writes news, they pick out information or coin their words according to their own colour of mind. At times it is hard to see what is really going on in the inner recesses of their being or where is their real stand. Objectivity is questionable. Yet, sooner or later,  in an unguarded moment the inner workings of their mind is exposed.

A journalists would do best to have their true independent stand. If there is  difference between one’s thinking, expressing and acting one is a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is nothing but the endeavour to prevent an internal urge from having external expression.

Everyone is prone to the inborn and imposed sentiments of hatred, doubt, fear, shame, hypocrisy, vanity of lineage, prestige and cultural superiority complex. These fetters supply the vital energy to ‘ism’ such as nationalism, provincialism, communalism, religion etc. These tendencies create dissonance, distrust, despair and compromise human integrity.

Being rooted in a particular ‘ism’ overshadows human intelligence in such a way that even if one has been defeated through logic or reason, one refuses to accept the defeat. Therefore, human beings have to extricate their minds from the serpentine shackles of ‘ism’ and strengthen their universal outlook to be really independent.

Culture of all humanity is one and indivisible yet exponents of ‘ism’ do not understand this. As long as one is partial in the supremacy of one’s own so-called culture, language, behaviour, habits and believes how can one be really independent and universally benevolent?

The Supreme Ideology of human beings is that which is impersonal and beyond the scope of time, place and person. If human beings accept this Supreme Entity as their only vital object of ideation, they can escape the inevitable consequences of degradation and partiality.

For example it is unwise to fight a violent war on the issue of territorial jurisdiction and thereby tamper with the peace of the human society. Such issues should be mutually settled in a better way. The endeavour of humanity should be the achievement of the Supreme Ideology. Only the Supreme Reality can be the ideology of human beings and the entire universe is their homeland.

It is not bad to love the land of one’s birth or to feel grateful that one was born in a particular country. But, if one cherishes hatred of others under the influence of any ‘ism’, this type of patriotism is definitely harmful. The followers of ‘ism’ foolishly consider themselves to be God’s chosen ones because of their mental fetters, yet they do not hesitate to brand others as infidels. They think that the Supreme Father bestows His grace only on them, not on the rest of creation. They are not ready to understand that the so-called ‘others’ are also part of His manifestation.

For those who have accepted the Supreme, they feel that if they do not accept all other human beings as their own brothers and sisters, they will disregard the Father or Mother, and when the Parent is not respected, the relation between the family members will break down. So human beings have to believe in universal brotherhood before they can fully accept the Supreme Consciousness.

Only the spiritual stand is the truly independent and trustworthy  one that can bring benevolent just news for all.

About Anandaramaa

Neohumanist Education coordinator, meditation teacher, educator
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