Chosen People of God?

Why would God choose certain people over others? For what purpose? On what grounds?

Do we question that there is only one God of all humanity? Today with the spread of awakened consciousness, more and more people are embracing the unifying philosophy that there was, is and will be only one Absolute Entity that may be called by any name or divine attributes. God is impartial to all of His creation. God cannot hate any particle of His creation. He may be pleased with those who are virtuous, who live exemplary lives of being impartial, kind, just, benevolent, loving and inspiring. Such people would be chosen by the masses as natural leaders on the basis of their qualities and examples how to live in the world.

Teachings that make their blind followers believe that God has chosen them exclusively above others, that they are superior to others are flung today into the dustbin of history. They cannot convince the rational and spiritual humanity anymore. PR Sarkar aptly describes the harm such teachings are committing on humanity:

Some philosophies have taught their own communities, ‘You the members of this community are the favourite children of God – others are cursed and unwanted.’  Due to this defective teaching the people of one community have even considered the destruction of the members of another community as an act of virtue, and stained the stony altar of human society with the blood of innocent people. In the blood of these innocent victims, the blind adherents of such defective philosophies have taken a holy bath of “liberation.” What a horror! Such false philosophies have taught, “Well, if we exploit the people with our intellect, what’s the harm? It is also a labour to apply the intellect, and we have the right to do so!” On the basis of this argument a handful of parasites have gorged themselves on the blood of millions of people, while countless people have been reduced to living skeletons. Such fraudulent philosophies have diverted many people from the path of morality and left them devoid of dharma (spirituality), addicted to carnal pleasures.

The fight that is on today, is the fight to liberate the human intellect from imposed dogmatic age-old believes that divide people due to certain geo-sentiments, socio-sentiments, pseudo-humanistic sentiments and pseudo-culture. There is one sky above all and people want to breathe freely as dignified human beings. Irrational doctrines are the cause of bloodshed and they all have to go for humanity to move on and feel free under one beloved Supreme Entity.

Let everyone worship and believe whatever they want personally but socially NO – socially we are one big family. Nobody can impose their believes on others but certainly each and every human being can demand basic universal human rights. And each and every human being may excel and be chosen as a benevolent and beloved leader of the community. For me those chosen people would  demonstrate selfless service,  sacrificing spirit,  would be morally uncorruptible and spiritually elevated.

About Anandaramaa

Neohumanist Education coordinator, meditation teacher, educator
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