The Semitic Race

There were originally four races on earth: Caucasian, Mongolian, Austric and Negroid.

The Semitic race is an important blended race. It is a blending of Central Mongolians, Alpines, Mediterraneans and Negroids. This blending took place 15,000 years ago and is known as the Semitic race of today. In Sanskrit language, Semitic is called ‘samiti’ which means ‘community.’

This race is characterized by its perseverance, intellectual orientation and high degree of tenacity. Their original abode was the central and southern portions of West Asia, now commonly known as the Middle East, excluding Persia. The Semitic lands stretched from Eastern Europe to western Asia, that is, from Turkey in the north to Eritrea in the south (ancient Abyssinia, modern-day north Ethiopia). People of the northern group have fair complexions but they are a bit less fair than the Mediterraneans, and the people of the southern group have a darkish brown tinge in their complexion.

The crown jewel of this Semitic land was the Hebrew language. In subsequent times Hebrew divided into two branches. One was medieval Hebrew and the other was old Arabic. We do not, however, have a modern Hebrew language developed from medieval Hebrew because for certain reasons those whose mother tongue was medieval Hebrew abandoned their homeland and scattered to various parts of the globe. Due to this, their original mother tongue disappeared. Those ancestors of theirs who returned to this Semitic land have resuscitated medieval Hebrew and put it to use in their everyday activities. They have also brought back to life the Semitic script of that era. In addition, they have made significant strides towards the creation of a new literature. I was very happy to see these efforts to create a new literature when I was in Israel.

Arabic is a moderately developed language. Arabic grammar came into being after the composition of the Koran. Nowadays several states, especially Iraq and Egypt, are making full-fledged attempts to create a new Arabic literature.

Semitic scripts are read from right to left. There is also a similarity in the names of the letters. One says áliph and another says alpha. One says be and another says beta. Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, Kashmiri, etc. come under the Semitic scripts and are written from right to left. Pupils of this ancient Semitic race with their branches of Ottoman Turks, Arabs and Jews used to call their seat of learning as Academy.

Since ancient days the Semitic people have been observing the practice of circumcision. Moses and Mohammed accepted this system which today has become tradition. Both the Hebrew and Arabic sub-races follow the system of circumcision.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all Semitic religions. The Old Testament was first written in Hebrew. Later it was translated into Latin.

In ancient times both the Hebrew and Arabic sub-races of the ancient Semitic people had a network of lanes branching from the main road of the town, and the people were fond of restaurants or eating houses.

Compiled from the writings of Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

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