Demons in Human Form

“Serpents are exhaling venom everywhere. The sweet gospels of peace sound like empty mockery. That is why on the eve of my departure from this world, I send out a clarion call to those who are preparing in every house to fight against the demons in human form.” – Rabindranath Tagore (80 years ago)

When the speed of matter is greater than either the speed of the psychic or spiritual faculties, then there is the rule of demons.  This is the present age of capitalism with its blood-sucking demons.  Yet we have passed the peak of capitalism with the clearly visible un-repairable fissures in the capitalist edifice and so we are moving closer to the natural death of capitalism.

The sick deranged mind of capitalists does not give up easily and so we are witnessing their last frenzied and ever more exposed naked dance. Their matter-oriented mind is without any sense of or feeling for religion other than some degree of fear of God. If this fear is less, they begin to behave like mean-minded demons. In such a state of mind they commit any type of sin or crime to satisfy their hunger for money and imperialist hegemony.  P. R. Sarkar describes these demons in his various writings:

These demons in human structure are exceptionally clever and cunning. By inculcating various sentiments, they misguide not only thousands, but millions, of people to the path of malevolence, just for some petty social status or other temptation.

The people become divided, the state becomes divided, psychic barriers are erected between groups of people – the collective progress of humanity is totally impaired. These types of people, you will encounter in different fields of life, not only in the political, but also in the fields of so many schools of philosophical thought. They have a heinous tendency to demolish the positions of their opponents.

Meanwhile refugees roam about hither and thither, and today the number of refugees is not only thousands but many millions in various parts of the globe. And for their precarious existence, for the ignoble deaths of those millions of wretched people, only a handful of people – demons in human framework – are really responsible. They come to the world and leave it in great ruins.

During their lifetime, they fully utilize all the mass media. The common people become confused and cannot think beyond that which the mass media tell them. It is a general weakness of common people that they are inclined to believe whatever is printed in books and journals. Common people have not been taught how to think deeply about this; they do not ponder over it even now. Until today this aspect of knowledge has been generally unknown to the world. That is why common people, not fully understanding these cunning people, are inclined to give them undue importance.

There is only one thing for human beings to be afraid of.  Human beings have to be alert against those who are demons in human form, those who possess immense psychic power and behave like demons, causing harm to humanity. Collective efforts have to be made to protect humanity from these demons. What is the way out?

Supreme Being cannot be reached by words only but by mind. Words return without attaining Him. One who knows the Supreme Blissful Stance attains Him. One who attains the Supreme is not afraid of anything.

Where do these immoral persons get their psychic strength? They get it from the Supreme Being. And the moralists who are afraid of the immoralists also get their strength from the Supreme Being. So instead of thinking that you are fighting the battle alone, think that you are the children of the Supreme Being and have come to this world to accomplish the job assigned by the Supreme Being, that you are never alone and that you are a small baby always sitting on the lap of the Supreme Being, why should you be afraid of anything? There is no reason to be afraid of anything.

You should not be afraid of any power in the universe. Atom bombs are so insignificant. Human beings will discover much more powerful weapons in future, so there is no reason at all why moralists should be afraid of them.

Human beings have to strengthen the hands of spiritual moralist leaders to facilitate smooth social progress and they will also have to remain ever-vigilant against these demons in human form and wage constant war against them. But this does not mean that the demons should become the object of ideation. Only the Supreme is to be meditated upon.

The world moves fast, the universe moves very fast, and the psychic realm is also moving fast. Recently the speed of this movement has been greatly accelerated. You should realize this, and you must accelerate the speed of the duty allotted to you. You should maintain a proper balance with the revised speed. Everywhere sanity and rationality will rule human psychology. Humanity will rule the universe.

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Neohumanist Education coordinator, meditation teacher, educator
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