Rotation of the Social Cycle and Leaders of the Revolution

“The value of human life surpasses all other values. Be it state or scripture, society or religion, the significance of everything lies in developing humanity to the optimum point through knowledge, culture, health and affluence of life. It is for the unfoldment of humanity that civilization has so many impediments, the state presents various forms, theories multiply and the scriptures abound in ordinances and regulations. What does the state stand for, what is the use of these regulations, or what are the marvels of civilization for, if humanity is deprived of manifesting itself, if human beings do not get any chance to build a good physique, to invigorate their intelligence with knowledge and to broaden their heart with love and compassion? Instead of leading humanity to the goal of life, if the state stands in the way then it cannot command loyalty, because humanity is superior to the state.” PR Sarkar

Society in general is composed of four major group of people who are engaged in certain activity according to their mental make-up. We have the class of manual workers or labourers, we have the warrior class of people who are engaged in the army, the police, and security services. We have the class of intellectuals and the class of merchants or capitalists.

By natural law of social dynamics, these four social classes rotate in dominance and rule from one era to the next. Each class has its prominence of power until they become exploitative and are replaced by the next class. But at the height of the capitalistic rule, the entire society is relegated to a working class mentality and suffers under their excessive exploitation. Finally revolution of the working class is inevitable. This revolution ushers in a full rotation of the social cycle. The working class brings the force for the revolution but is quickly replaced by the rule of the warrior class who has more the ability to govern the society. In this way one era follows another in succession. In every era a particular social class emerges, first as new vigorous ruler and later as exploiter.

Leaders of the Revolution

To save society from inhuman excessive exploitation as we see it perpetuated today in imperialistic, war-mongering mentality there has to be permanent revolutionary leaders at the helm of society. Until today globally there has been lack of such cadre.

Yet, as the individual and social consciousness is tremendously increasing in the history of our planet, we shall see the inevitable emergence of soul inspired, ethical revolutionaries and guiding personalities who are committed by conscience to fight for a society free of exploitation. Such kind of leaders will be at the hub of society and tirelessly hold the reins of leadership in their own hands. The responsibility for leading society cannot be left in the hands of the warrior class because they will try to enforce their military rule and exploit the weak non-warriors. Nor can the responsibility for leading society be left in the hands of the intellectual because they will try to establish their dogmatic rule and eventually exploit the non-intellectuals. Likewise, the responsibility for leading society cannot be left in the hands of the capitalist, because they will try to impose their materialistic rule and exploit the toiling mass.

The responsibility for leading society will rest on such great leaders who PR Sarkar calls ‘sadvipras” meaning ‘great-minded’ with moral integrity and spiritual outlook. With the presence of sadvipras at the nucleus of society, the social cycle will surely rotate smoothly with the rule and dominance of the warriors, intellectuals and capitalists taking place in succession. These social classes may attain some degree of prominence in social life, but they will never be able to become the absolute rulers. Thus sadvipras will never have any rest. They will have to continue fighting tirelessly for progressive change and against corruption. This fight is the natural life of living beings. Sadvipras will have to have the qualities of the intellectuals, warriors, capitalists and labourers and hence the leadership of the sadvipras will mean the victory of every social class. A sadvipra may not like a person, but if one is honest, the sadvipra will not agitate against him or her. A sadvipra may like a person, but if she or he is dishonest, the sadvipra will take suitable measures against her or him.

Sadvipras will primarily direct all their efforts for personal, subjective attainment of spiritual bliss not any material gain. They will have to build their character and render sacrificing service for the welfare of the human society. People will recognize sadvipras by their conduct, their devotion to service, their dutifulness and their moral integrity.

They will have to have a sound philosophy and rational spiritual practices based on the principles of morality. They will be vigilant and conscious to snatch away the physical power and intellectual leadership from the hands of political hypocrites. Politicians who are only engaged in mudslinging are of no use to the society. They will need the active mass support to bring about the needed rotation or revolution of the social cycle. In the absence of sadvipras, society cannot survive.

“Sadvipras will wage a ceaseless, pactless struggle against immorality and all sorts of divisive tendencies. Those who pose to be righteous but are timid with the spirit of fight cannot be called sadvipras. The function of the sadvipra shall, therefore, be to see that the dominating or ruling classes do not have any scope for exploitation. The moment one class turns to be exploiters, the life of the majority becomes miserable; a few enjoy at the cost of many whose lot is only to suffer. More than that, in such a stage of society, both the few and the many get degenerated. The few exploiters degenerate themselves due to excess of physical enjoyments, and the many exploited cannot elevate themselves because all their energy is taken up in mundane problems and all their mental waves are always tending to attain psycho-physical parallelism, thus getting day by day cruder. Hence for the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the administrator and the administered of the society as a whole, it is essential that no one should be given any scope to exploit the rest of society.

Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay. These sadvipras shall work for the good of all countries, for the all-round emancipation of all humanity.” – PR Sarkar

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