The Vital Energy of Students

Excerpts from the book “To the Patriots” by Shrii P. R. Sarkar

“When the vital energy of youths does not find scope for expression within the prevalent system, it starts waging a war against that system. “

Normally between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four human beings have abundant vital energy. This is the period of their student life. Though there is plenty of vital energy during this period, due to intellectual underdevelopment the physical and intellectual waves are unable to adjust together properly. Hence those with a developed intellect, cunning political leaders, cast a net of high-sounding, illusory theories and exploit the vital energy of students to achieve their selfish political goals. Because of their underdeveloped intellect, the student community remains unaware of such exploitation.

In democratic countries the mundane goal of party leaders is merely to obtain ministerial posts. To achieve this they propagate so-called ideologies which attract students, and thus they utilize the vital energy of students to fulfill their selfish aims.

The question is, how should the vital energy of students be utilized? With the first stir in the vital energy an extraordinary state occurs, and it becomes difficult to judge what to do and what not to do. Cunning people mobilize students in such a state to achieve their objectives.

Students have vibrant vital energy. If it is not used for constructive activities, it is bound to become engaged in destructive works. Vital energy cannot sit idle. When students do not have any constructive plans before them, they get deceived by the illusions created by  selfish opportunists and feel a misplaced pride in allowing themselves to serve as their instruments.

The ideal of human beings is not to extrovert but to introvert the vital energy. In the process of introverting the vital energy, adjustment between the vital energy and the intellectual wave brings progress in a proper direction. Improper use of the extroversial momentum will certainly engage the vital energy in destructive activities.

The proper use of vital energy lies in fighting against injustice. Spirited students should be zealous and ever-ready to wage war against economic injustice, immorality and corruption, whatever the type. This is the way to properly utilize their vital energy.

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Neohumanist Education coordinator, meditation teacher, educator
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