[2a’] Human Evolution

From that very auspicious genesis of the first human being of one million years ago over the span of 900,000 years was the gradual evolution to our modern species of human being. The present humans originated only 100,000 years ago. Here is a glimpse of how four distinct ethnic groups evolved and became the root of our diverse humanity of today:

According to PR Sarkar the first human beings were born <<in the vast geographical area between the Java Islands and Palestine>>. These were the branch of Australopithecus who gradually transformed themselves in slow degrees into human form over centuries. From them evolved the Homo erectus – who were neither Australopithecus nor exactly human beings in form and nature.

The different groups of Homo erectus spread out in different directions. The fossils of these creatures have been found in different parts of Java, China, and East and North Africa.

Some groups of these early humans who were responsible for the advent of the human race were doomed to extinction in the face of the fierce onslaught of hostile nature, while other groups had the advantage of congenial environments and gave rise to a higher species – the Homo sapiens who were the first ancestors of humanity.

<<The first Homo sapiens did not remain tied to one place. In quest of greater ease, comfort and safety in life, they spread out from Eurasia to the Arctic Ocean, from the Bering Strait to Melanesia, and from there again they moved in other directions, to find new homes in unexplored horizons.>>

<<Thus the single species of Homo sapiens scattered itself over different parts of the world. At first the colour and physiognomic differences between the scattered Homo sapiens were not very prominent. But with the passage of time, as they passed their lives over long periods amidst diverse geophysical conditions, differences in their physical structures became more and more apparent. Thus the apparent diversity in the human world today is the product of natural conditions.

The one species of Homo sapiens has become divided into four distinct races, living under different circumstances, but basically they all originated from one and the same source – from Australopithecus to Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. The same stock is divided into various so-called races – white, black, brown and yellow. >>

These are four main original ethnic groups of our present world – the Aryans, the Negroes, the Austrics and the Mongolians.


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