Sanskrit Letters – The Acoustic Roots of Propensities

14As I am pursuing to compose a timeline of the Samskrta language starting from 15000 years ago to the present along the writings of Shrii PR Sarkar, and having arrived now at a very significant time of 7000 years ago when Lord Shiva walked on this dusty Earth as a sadguru, I am stepping out of this line to highlight the importance of the Samskrta alphabet in its relevance on the human mind as of today.

In the last article about ‘Samskrta Alphabet and Kalii’, we could see the very first attempt to depict the 50 letters of the Samskrta alphabet about 7000 years ago.

Today Shrii PR Sarkar has elaborated on these 50 letters that they are not only the alphabet of the Samskrta language but at the same time acoustic roots of very specific expressions of the human mind or propensities (vrttis in Samskrta). << To find expression the mind adopts certain inter- and intra-ectoplasmic occupations. These occupations (love, hatred, fear, etc.) are known as vrtti. In other words, vrtti may be defined as “the way of expression of mind”. On the psychic level this occupation is called “expressed sentiment”.>>

<<… every propensity has its own vibration, and each vibration has a certain colour and sound. The sounds of the fifty propensities constitute our language.>>

Around the seven main cakras or psychic controlling centers in the body there are glands and sub glands that are linked to the specific propensities. Each propensity has an acoustic root which forms a letter in the Sam’skrta alphabet.  Thus Samskrta is the eternal language of the human body and mind. It has been harmoniously constructed; it carries the ancient Vedas of 15,000 years ago and has vital significance as humanity advances deeper into super modern bio=psychology. It has all the qualities of a new lingua franca of the future as it has a firm base for intuitional science of meditation and yoga psychology and as well for literary and cultural expression.

Text in brackets <<>> by Shrii PR Sarkar

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