The Negro Race

19-kaliii-and-shivaThere were originally four distinct races on earth descending from the same human ancestors. They are the Austrics who originated from India/Asia, the Negroids who originated from Africa, the Mongoloids who originated from Mongolia/China/Tibet, and the Aryans who originated from central Asia/Europe.

<<There was unavoidable intermingling of blood, and ultimately there arose many so-called new races after gaps of long periods. The innate migratory nature of human beings has goaded them to journey from one horizon to another, from one hemisphere to another. For more than one reason, human beings have broken narrow geographical boundaries and set out for other lands and associated with other communities. >> >>Goaded by an innate instinct, they freely mixed among themselves. This contact and close relationship among various groups gave birth to the many so-called races of today.>>

<<The different races have developed numerous languages. >> <<The Negroes lived near the equator in Africa and New Guinea, near the southern coast of the Indian Ocean. Their descendants are found in South India, the Andaman Islands, the Malayan Peninsula and the Philippines.>>

<<The Negroes have black skin, kinky hair, thick lips, slightly colder blood than the Aryans and are often tall in stature.>> << The Negro race has three branches: western, northern and southern. There are differences in their facial appearance and hair. The hair is similar, but there are differences in the curls.>>

<<In Africa, languages differ according to climatic conditions and river basins. Several Negroid tongues originated in the south of the Sahara, and altogether there are 27 dialects. In the north of the Sahara the original language was Egyptian.>> <<The Negroid people do not have their own script. They use Roman script. >>

<<In India, the maximum mixture of blood has been in Bengal. The Bengali race evolved out of the Aryans, Mongolians, Austrics and Negroes. The people of Bihar and Orissa and the Kayastha (a high-caste Hindu community of East India) belong to this Bengali race. In southern India, too, Negro blood came to mingle with the Austric blood, and a new race, the Dravidians emerged.>> << The word tamil comes from the word dráviŕa [dravid]. Their script is Indo-Aryan.>>

<<The Nordics and the Dravidians were responsible for the Indus Valley civilizations.>>

<<There is some Negro influence and some Aryan influence in the Semitic countries but Vedic influence is negligible though it cannot be altogether discounted.>>

Kalii one of Shiva’s wivies was ethnically Austrico-Mongolo-Negroid.  <<About 7000 years ago Sadáshiva and His wife Kalii did intensive spiritual practice and enjoyed immense bliss. Sadáshiva was the original propounder of Tantric practices. Kalii learned the inner secrets of spiritual practice from her husband. Every day she was absorbed in deep meditation, enjoying the immense bliss of many different samádhis (when the mind is absorbed in consciousness). One day Sadáshiva playfully withdrew her bliss for a long period. Kalii continued to practise meditation regularly, but without the blissful experiences she had previously enjoyed. After some time, the suspended bliss was released suddenly, and Kalii enjoyed the divine sweetness of that accumulated bliss.>>

<<Kalii the wife of Shiva existed 7000 years ago; but Kalii the deity accepted in Post-Shiva Tantra and Buddhist Tantra goes back only 1600 or 1700 years. The worship of Kalii the deity is preached chiefly on the basis of the Kaliká Puráńa, so it has nothing to do with the Vedic Age nor the age of Shiva. But one thing should be remembered: that although she is a deity of Post-Shiva Tantra, she was accepted and worshipped in Buddhist Tantra also.>>

Text in brackets <<>> by Shrii PR Sarkar


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